About Us

Nadin Prata Jewelry is an independent fine jewelry business based in Tijuana, B.C., Mexico. Created to empower women and enhance their magical personalities.

Designer and creator Amira Elisa Boisson was born and raised in the world’s most visited border (Tijuana/San Diego), and it is thanks to this that she has been able to taste the best of both worlds. She is honored to recognize herself as citizen of both Californias.

Each piece that Amira Elisa designs begins with a story, be it of love, spiritual connection, or a memory. Her designs are based on feelings and intuition. The gemstones she works with carry special properties that can provide inner healing and happiness. 

Nature, spirituality and her grandmother’s jewelry box as muses it is not surprising to find in Nadin Prata’s collections delightful details and a bold use of color, paired with whisperings of mystery and magic. It is this paradox of timelessness and modernity that inspires her to design hand-crafted, contemporary pieces that always retain their uniqueness and femininity.